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Shooting Ranges

As the market leader in building and maintaining shooting ranges and providing ballistic solutions, we have the knowledge to support every need for training facilities and shooting ranges. We are the main supplier for the Netherland’s armed forces and police. Our state-of-the-art ranges can be tailor made to the customers needs.

We can provide a suitable solution in any situation. Based on our extensive experience towards ballistic solutions we have strong relationships in the International markets and we continuously pursue international market growth.

For achieving a safe training environment, we will only work with certified, high grade materials in our shooting ranges and ballistic solutions. The combination of materials used is extensively tested in relation with the accredited authorities and committees.

Our specialized building technology supports turnkey solutions for Military, Law Enforcement and Special Forces, supporting 270 and 360 degree shooting surroundings up to 7.62 NATO. For our contracts we are specialized in Design-Build-Maintain-Operate (DBMO).